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ናንጂንግ MasterGao ቢራ ጠመቃ Turnkey ፕሮጀክት

ጊዜ 2022-07-18 Hits: 44


Nanjing Master Gao brewing Co., Ltd. 5000L craft Brewery turnkey project.

including automatic malt feeding system + beer brewhouse + beer fermentation equipment + public works + beer centrifuge filtration + canning line + commissioning and installation)

This project is equipped with 5000L four vessels brewhouse system, malt milling and feeding system, 10000L fermentation tanks, 10000L bright beer tanks, cold and hot water tank, glycol tank, cooling system, steam heating system, CIP system, filtration system, canning line, etc. Hengcheng 

installation team provided installation and commissioning services. Customers and other users of the equipment (many brewers who have used the equipment) speak highly of HengCheng's equipment quality and after-sales service!